Enhanced for Full Capsids Standards

To order Enhanced for Full Capsid Standards please e-mail vectorcore-quoterequest@peds.ufl.edu with the serotype and aliquot size and number requested, along with your contact details (name, institution, address, and telephone number). We will send you a quote in reply.

  • Enhanced to greater than 98.63% full capsids
  • Equivalent vector genome as ATCC reference standard material (RSM) VR-1616.
  • Useful as a standard for capsid and vector genome tittering.
  • Tittered by ddPCR.
  • 25μL aliquots $150 for academic, $210 for commercial; 100μL aliquots $600 for academics, $840 for commercial
AAV-CBA-GFP (UFII) Enhanced for Full Capsids