“Our Florida based research, education, and family advocacy organization is proud to partner with Dr. Conlon and the Powell Gene Therapy Center in our quest to cure Tay- Sachs and related children’s genetic diseases of the brain. The research team is renowned for ensuring the safety of Gene therapy as the final approval before clinical trials. Due to the diligence of his toxicology team, a major safety risk was averted which in turn increases the probability of successful upcoming clinical trials with affected children. 

Thank you on behalf of all of our affected children and families!”

Kevin Romer
President and co-founder
The Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation

“As the sponsor’s representative for a toxicology and biodistribution study conducted at the Powell Gene Therapy Center, I was impressed with the quality of the study conduct, management of input from multiple contributors, ease of CRO-sponsor interactions, and ability to meet aggressive timelines.  Thank you for helping us to submit our IND on time.”

Jeff Chulay, M.D., DTM&H
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC)