Human Applications Lab

The Human Applications Laboratory is a state of the art GMP manufacturing facility that occupies 2200 sq ft in the McKnight Brain Institute. The unit includes an 1800 sq ft BL2/BL3 GMP facility, a 300 sq ft Quality Control laboratory, and storage facilities for receipt and control of incoming materials.

The GMP manufacturing facility has two suites with 2 production modules in each module which operate on a campaign basis. The first suite deals with Cell Processing and the other is used for Viral Vector Production. The facility director is Brian Cleaver, Ph.D.


  1. Priority will be given to extramurally sponsored projects at the University of Florida.
  2. Excess production capacity will be used to accommodate requests from outside investigators.
  3. Clinical trial protocol approval by the NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) is required prior to requesting services from the UF Human Applications Laboratory.


Brian D Cleaver

Brian D Cleaver

Associate Program Director
Phone: (352) 273-7610
Jenna Ross

Jenna Ross

Laboratory Tech
Phone: (352) 294-5681